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Legal Notice

Using our service, you should understand that:

1. Chain Group Escrow Service is not a legal entity registered in a country in the world. The Service does not have an office, bank accounts, does not pass the audit and verification. Therefore, the only guarantee of good faith of the Service is the Service itself.

2. Your investments in any Trade Group may be outside the law depending on legislative acts of your country of citizenship.

3. This kind of investing may be prohibited or restricted by the laws of your country or state. Before you start using the service, we recommend that you consult a lawyer and not use the Service if the laws of your country or state prohibit such investing.

4. You make investments under your sole responsibility and in case of any Trade Group bankruptcy, your losses will be compensated only from the Stabilization Fund of the Service. There will be no other compensations for losses except these compensations.

5. The investment income is subject to income tax in most countries. Paying taxes is your personal responsibility. For its part, Chain Group Escrow Service can provide you with necessary documents with reports on your income for a certain period of time. The corresponding income tax can be assessed upon you on the basis of these documents.

6. The Service provides an opportunity to invest in Trade Groups presented at the Service, but it does not promise nor guarantees that you will definitely make profit. Your investments can be completely or partially lost. It depends on your choice of a Trade Group and the success of the Trade Group itself.

7. High gross profit margin of a Trade Group in the past does not guarantee the same high margin in the future. Your investments can be less profitable than you expect according to the current gross profit margin of a Trade Group.