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T.G. Thomas
  • Serviced since: Apr 14, 2017
  • 4507 investors
  • $100,000 Stabilization Fund

Investment offer:

Minimum: $10

Maximum: $300,000

Deposit term: 300 days

Daily profit: Variable, 0.1-1.7%

Compounding: Is possible

Early withdrawal: 20% fee

Principal refund: Yes

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About Trade Group

Our group is a community of several people united by love of pleasure, excitement and money.

We all know each other for a long time, and before being engaged in this activity, we have tried many different ways to make money.

Our group consists of 6-10 people (depending on the season), who live together in a big house near the ocean shore.

We have a boss as any other company does. But unlike any other company, we sincerely love our boss, because he was chosen in a democratic and honest way.

Our experience in trading on cryptocurrency stock exchanges is little - we are engaged only during 3 years. But we already have some results that allow us to say that we are doing the right job.

And yes, we like the job we do very much. Everyone in our group is a life gambler, and cryptocurrency trading is very similar to a casino game. At least, it gives the same pleasure. If this pleasure implies experience and certain developed strategies, you can achieve good results.

We invite everybody to share our joy of earnings. You can make investments in our group using this service, and thus receive a share of our income.