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BTC/USD 7484.60

  • Serviced since: Aug 08, 2017
  • 2400 investors
  • $30,000 Stabilization Fund

Investment offer:

Minimum: $25

Maximum: $100,000

Deposit term: 120 days

Daily profit: Variable, 0.1-10%

Compounding: Is possible

Early withdrawal: Is impossible

Principal refund: No

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1. Under this Agreement, the Investor transfers and the Trade Group accepts investments to make profit.

2. Investments in the CloudShare Trade Group are accepted through this Service.

3. The sources of income of the CloudShare Trade Group are described on the page of the Service.

4. A deposit to the CloudShare Trade Group is made with an internal payment unit of the Service equivalent to the US$.

5. Investments are accepted by the CloudShare Trade Group on the following terms:

5.1 Minimum deposit amount: $25

5.2 Maximum deposit amount: $100,000

5.3 Deposit term: 120 days

5.4 Daily return: Variable, 0.1%-10% daily

5.5 Compounding function: Is possible

5.6 Early principal withdraw: Is impossible

5.7 Principal deposit refunded to Investor after deposit expiration: No (principal is included to the profit payments).

6. CloudShare Trade Group undertakes to transfer return to the investor’s account every day during the deposit term in accordance with paragraphs 5.3, 5.4 of this Agreement.

7. CloudShare Trade Group undertakes to make all necessary and claimed efforts to multiply the funds of the Investor.

8. By accepting a deposit from the Investor, CloudShare Trade Groupp guarantees that it will use it exactly in the manner specified in the description of the Trade Group on the page of the Service.

9. By making a deposit in the CloudShare Trade Group, the Investor confirms that he:

  • (a) has read the Terms of Service and understands the principles of the Service operation;
  • (b) makes a deposit voluntarily, without pressure or coercion;
  • (c) has taken all necessary and recommended measures for the safety of his account on the Service;
  • (d) understands and accepts the related risks of loss of investments,
  • (e) knows that in case of bankruptcy of the CloudShare Trade Group, the only compensation to be received by the Investor will be the payment from the stabilization fund of CloudShare Trade Group.

10. The Service ensures compliance with this agreement.

11. In case of a conflict between the Investor and the CloudShare Trade Group, disputes are considered by the Service within 7 days from the date of receipt of a complaint from either party. The decision taken by the Service shall be final and not subject to appeal.