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  • Serviced since: Aug 08, 2017
  • 2400 investors
  • $30,000 Stabilization Fund

Investment offer:

Minimum: $25

Maximum: $100,000

Deposit term: 120 days

Daily profit: Variable, 0.1-10%

Compounding: Is possible

Early withdrawal: Is impossible

Principal refund: No

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About Trade Group

CloudShare Trade Group use CloudShare App as source of income (the application that was created by CloudShare team).

CloudShare App is an application to derive profit from provocations of chain reactions to increase altcoin cost.

The provocation mechanism:

1. The application CloudShare buys on behalf of traders simultaneously and for a short time period (5-30 minutes) the target altcoin, raising its value by 10-30%.
2. A chain reaction is provoked by other traders. Inexperienced traders that are not professionals buy the altcoin, not understanding what is the cause of its rapid growth and counting to sell it later with profit. New purchase orders generate new purchase orders (the chain reaction), and the altcoin price increases by 30-40-50%.
3. During the fall of the chain reaction of the purchase orders, the CloudShare traders sell the altcoins with profit.

Success Factors:

- For many altcoins, the share of their trade in the Poloniex market is decisive. Therefore, when the growth rate is provoked it the Poloniex stock exchange, the other stock exchanges are guided by the rate of the stock exchange with larger turnover share. This creates illusion of ubiquity of the emerging demand for the target altcoin.

- By combining the financial capabilities of the CloudShare traders, the application CloudShare has an opportunity to provoke increase of the target altcoin cost with small capitalization by 10-30%;

- More than 70% of Poloniex traders are newcomers, lone persons, traders without experience who make decisions about transactions based on the belief that they should be lucky. At the same time they do not stop, losing money on one altcoin. Due to their amateurism, they cannot understand the reasons of their failures and remain on the stock exchange until they lose the most part of their money or all the money they came to the stock exchange with.

Learn more about CloudShare App at our site: cloudshare.top