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Chain Trade Group
  • Serviced since: Dec 25, 2016
  • 1186 investors
  • $20,000 Stabilization Fund

Investment offer:

Minimum: $10

Maximum: $1,000,000

Deposit term: 500 days

Daily profit: Stable, 0.2%

Compounding: Is possible

Early withdrawal: Is impossible

Principal refund: Yes

Invest in Chain Trade Group


About Trade Group

Here is an own investment proposal of the Chain.Group Escrow Service. The Chain.Group does not trade in the cryptocurrency exchanges itself.

Making an investment on this proposal, you are investing not in a third-party Trade Group, but directly in the Service providing a process of interaction between Investors and Trade Groups.

Sources of income of the Service are defined in detail in the Terms of Service.

The service offers a 0.2% daily return for a term of 500 days + 100% of principal refund after 500 days term. It mean we offer to double your capital in 500 days.

The investments accepted by the Service will be used on:

  • Improvement of the technical complex of the Service;
  • Creating professional multimedia materials;
  • Advertising of the Service on Google AdWords and other services;
  • Advertising of the Service in offline;
  • Conducting market researches and study of the demand for additional services that may be provided within the Service.

Like any other company, the Services strives to become a leader in its field. As not only the product quality, but also the rate of market development is of great importance in the IT sector, the Service offers investors to support the Service with their investments. For our part, we will try to do our best to justify your trust.

The Service profits are formed from the following fees for the use of the Service:

  • The Service takes 0.5% of each internal transfer between Investors.
  • The Service takes 0.5% from the withdrawal amount to the Investor’s wallets.
  • The Service takes 2.5% of returns on deposits. This fee is deducted from the Trade Group’s account and unnoticed for an Investor.

Deposits are accepted on standard terms defined in the corresponding Agreement.