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Frequently Asked Questions

Account usage

How can I deposit to my account with VISA / Mastercard?

You can deposit to your account with bitcoins and withdraw bitcoins as well. You can buy bitcoins with VISA / Mastercard and then load bitcoins to your account. To withdraw your earning, you can also withdraw bitcoins and transfer them to your VISA/Mastercard or local bank account.

Today a lot of services offer buying/selling Bitcoins with bank transfers and credit/debit cards, such as:

  Region Buy Bitcoins with Bank,
Visa / Mastercard
Sell Bitcoins and get Funds to
your Bank, Visa / Mastercard
Daily limit
Blockchain.info Europe Yes - $10,000.00 with Level 3 account
Coinbase USA Yes Yes  $10,000.00 with Verified account
CEX.io World Yes Yes Unlimited with Verified Plus account
CoinMama World Yes - $5,000.00 with verification
BitPanda Europe Yes - €10,000.00 with GOLD level verification
Coinhouse World Yes - €5,000.00 with verification
AdvCash World Yes Yes $100,000.00 with verification
GDax World Yes Yes $250,000

Do you offer several investment plans?

No. Chain Group Service have only one investment plan. All other investment offers are third-party. These Trade Groups served by Chain Group, but we do not own and do not manage them.

Where and how can I add/edit my e-currency accounts?

You don't need to add/edit e-currency accounts at all. You can deposit/withdraw to/from any account.

What is the minimum investment to start?

The minimum amount depends on a Trade Group offer. You can check minimum amount at Trade Group profile.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw? And how can I withdraw funds? This is a crucial info for me to join.

0.001 BTC for withdraw to Bitcoin
0.01 ETH for withdraw to Ethereum
$1 for withdraw to AdvCash / Perfect Money / Payeer

I am very interested in Dragon investment, what is the exact daily profit if I invested $ 50, for example?

Chain Group Service is a technical platform for payment processing (deposits, profit payments, withdrawals). Chain Group also is an Escrow service, as we keep Stabilization Fund of each Trade Group.

But we cannot:
(a) advice about any Trade Group activities;
(c) influence on any Trade Group activities;
(b) predict any Trade Group success in the future.

If you need more info about Dragon Foundation, please contact Dragon Foundation directly. But anyway, the specific daily earn will in the promissed range.

During registration I received a recovery PIN, I took a shot by phone (I realized that you asked me to write it down on paper, but I was lazy), and than I have had some issue with my phone and all my data erased and lost. Is it possible to restore my recovery PIN?

We can not tell you recovery PIN-code as you can no longer tell us your recovery PIN-code as a confirmation that it was you who opened the account. It looks certainly paradoxical but such are the conditions for ensuring the highest level of account security.

You can setup 2FA function for your account, as with 2FA enabled it is unlikely that recovery PIN-code will ever need you in the future. As a means of security enabled 2FA function is even better than recovery PIN-code.

Can I have a second account?

No, it is forbidden by the Terms of Service. One investor can have only one account.

Should I have my own deposit for referral bonus?

You do not need to have your own deposit.

How can I earn on referrals?

If someone is registered using your link, he/she will be considered your referral and you will be getting 5% of your referral’s every deposit to your Available balance.

Please, note that the registration considers the last referral link, an investor came to the site from. That is, if someone goes to the service from your link, but does not register at once and then visits the Service from another (not yours) referral link, he will be registered according to the last link used.

How can I delete account completely?

Login to your account and create a Support request about account termination.

If I make 100% compounding with Cloudshare deposit (with no principal refund after deposit expiration term), at the end of the term, do I will receive back the compounded part?

No, you will not get compounding part at the end of deposit term, as compounded profit become joined to the principal deposit.

You can compound your profit temporary to increase your daily profit, but to begin recive profit to your Available balance you have to turn compounding function off.

Can I load funds to my account with PayPal?

You can, as if you have PayPal verified account you can buy Bitcoins at localbitcoins.com and then load funds with Bitcoins.

General Service questions

Why should I invest in any Trade Groups, if I can register at any exchange and trade cryptocurrencies on my own?

Of course, you can. And if you have never done this before, we even recommend you to try. Registration at exchanges is very simple. Most exchanges do not even have identity verification.

Try to trade on your own to see for yourself that your expertise is not enough to make a profit in the long run. That is, you may first successfully invest and multiply your money at the exchange, but then you are bound to lose your earnings. This usually happens to beginners.

Trading alone in the cryptocurrency market is a guaranteed bankruptcy. No one speaks of it loud, but this is true. After all, the profit is not made from the air. Some market participants earn at what others lose.

So why do some earn, while others lose money?

People, who lose money, are those who trade alone, based on some mystical feelings like ‘I feel that this currency must go up’ or ‘The currency has reached its peak, it must be dropped’ or ‘The currency falls in price, I should sell it now even with losses, because it will totally be depreciated later.’ If you have already traded at the exchange, you must know the feeling like you somehow can predict the market behavior.

But you can’t.

Yes, if you guessed it for a few time in a row, sold and bought in time, you may think that you have a special gift. But after some time you will understand that it was just a coincidence.

But with organized Trade Groups things are different. They have the instruments, that you don’t know even they exist:

1. Trade Groups have access to paid and closed news aggregators. These aggregators gather news on each cryptocurrency and publish this news faster than free open sources. It is impossible to access such aggregators from outside.

2. Trade Groups monitor the situation on a specific cryptocurrency in ALL markets at once. That is, they can see the average change for one currency at all exchanges. This average rate determines what happens to the cryptocurrency in total, rather than at one particular exchange.

3. Trade Groups create alliances and agree on a joint strategy. They can coordinate their actions and manipulations with large orders to buy or sell, can influence cryptocurrency exchange rates with small capitalization.

4. Trade Group trade around the clock, so they do not miss an opportunity to make money, while one person physically can’t monitor markets 24 hours a day.

5. Trade Groups are experienced, so they do not give in to panic and emotions. All their decisions are made in purely cold mind. Those, who trade alone, often lose money because of making hasty and, therefore, wrong decisions.

Of course, not all trade Groups are the same. They are not always in the black. Sometimes they go bankrupt. But trade Groups are in the black much MORE OFTEN than single traders. It is MORE OFTEN "The Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything".

After all, the money of those who makes MORE right guesses sooner or later belong to those who makes LESS right guesses.

So, back to your question - yes, you can trade on exchanges on your own and you can get in the black in the short period of time. You can earn much more money alone in a week than with investments in Trade Groups through Chain.Group.

But in the long term your trade on exchanges will inevitably come to a standstill. At first, you will buy a currency, which will only keep getting cheaper, then a second currency, then a third one. And one day you will understand that only 30% of your initial investment is left and then you will say to yourself, “I may be doing something wrong.”

We can tell you what exactly you are doing wrong. You are trying to make money where perfectly organized Trade Groups, consisting only of experts in this field, do not always succeed.

What exchanges do Trade Groups trade cryptocurrencies on? If it is not a secret.

It is no secret, all exchanges are well-known.

They are: BTCChina, OKCoin, Huobi, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bittrex.

Today, there are more than a hundred cryptocurrency exchanges. But only first 15-20 of them have turnovers allowing a substantial return at trading.

How exactly do Trade Groups make money on exchanges? I do not understand how much money does a Trade Group make if it can pay 3% of its profit every day? How does this happen? Please, give me a clear example.

Let’s suppose that a XXX Trade Group has $50,000 of its own Funds and another $50,000 attracted through the Service. The Trade Group specializes in BTC/USD.

At 8:25 the Trade Group started transactions on exchange at the total of $100,000

at 8:25 it bought BTC at the rate of $1127 / BTC = 88,7311 BTC
at 9:05 it sold 88,7311 BTC at the rate of $1132/ BTC = $100,433
at 9:20 it bought BTC at the rate of $1070/ BTC = 93,7848 BTC
at 11:40 it sold 93,7848 BTC at the rate of $1098/ BTC = $102,975
at 13:15 it bought BTC at the rate of $931/ BTC = 110,6068 BTC
at 1:05 it sold 110,6068 BTC at the rate of $1017 / BTC = $112,487
at 3:00 it bought BTC at the rate of $952/ BTC = 118,1588 BTC
at 7:00 it sold 118,1588 BTC at the rate of $974/ BTC = $115,086
at 7:25 it bought BTC at the rate of $945/ BTC = 121,7841 BTC
at 7:45 it sold 121,7841 BTC at the rate of $970/ BTC = $118,130

Thus, making ten transactions a day, the Trade Group earned $18.130 net on exchange. There is also an exchange fee, but it is small, so we do not consider it in the calculation.

The Trade Group promised to pay Investors a 3% return on their deposits every day.

Thus, 3% is deducted from the $50,000 profit = $1,500. Minus service fee of 2.5% of the profit (2.5% of $ 1,500 = $ 37.5). Thus, the Trade Group profit is $18.130 - $ 1,537,5 = $ 16.592. That is 16.592% of the total trading amount.

This example considers the most successful circumstances of trading on exchange, but a real model. You can open the history of exchange quotations and see for yourself.

Of course 18% is exceptional success, 5-6% growth is an excellent indicator, while 1-3% per day – average statistics.

What if your Service has a Trade Group without any actual activity, but paying investors return simply by attracting new deposits?

This is possible indeed, as the Service does not monitor the turnover of Funds outside the Service. At the stage of selecting Trade Groups, the Service tries to present only Groups that make real profit from operations in the cryptocurrency markets or specializing in other areas. However, the Service can’t and does not guarantee that a Trade Group is engaged in the kind of activity described on the Trade Group’s page.

In order to filter fake Trade Groups, we have developed rules that are not very favorable for creators of financial pyramids.

First. The Service requires a large payment to the Stabilization Fund. This eliminates those who plan to “grab as much as they can and quickly run away.” This term ensures long-term operation of a Trade Group. After all, before running away with Investors’ deposits, they at least need to get money frozen in the Stabilization Fund back.

Second. The Service stops accepting new deposits if a Trade Group has debts to its Investors. We know that financial pyramids exist only by paying return to previous Investors with deposits of new Investors. But this will not work at our Service.

These measures do not safeguard against crooks, but they significantly reduce risks.

You must also remember that even really operating Business Groups can stop paying returns if they commit a series of bad buys on exchange.

You should understand that high-yield investments and manipulations in the cryptocurrency markets depend largely on luck.

I have read carefully the information about T.G. Thomas Trade Group, visited their website and found out that it is not registered anywhere. Is this a bad sign?

Anybody can register a company, it's not a problem today. For example, anybody can register a company in Great Britain for $75 and that is why so many financial scams with Britain registration. We call on you to stop blindly believing words meant to cloud your judgment, such as “guaranteed”, “legal”, “registered”.

Indeed Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not registered anywhere and there is no evidence that it has a right to exist. But this does not prevent dozens of millions of people use cryptocurrencies. If something works well and benefits people, it doesn't matter whether it is registered or not.

Am I right that if a Trade Group goes bankrupt, compensations from the Stabilization Fund will cover all my losses?

No, this is impossible. The Stabilization Fund size is always much less than the total amount of deposits accepted.

For example: When establishing at the Service, a Trade Group paid $ 15,000.00 to the Stabilization Fund and had $ 150,000.00 of active deposits in a year. In case of bankruptcy, the Stabilization Fund covers only 10% of the total amount of active deposits. The deposits that were already closed and returned to investors are not taken into account.

Therefore, payments from the Stabilization Fund should not be considered a guarantee of returning deposits in case of a Trade Group bankruptcy. Bankruptcy means inability to fulfill obligations to pay return and refund main deposits.

The Stabilization Fund should be primarily considered as an additional incentive for a Trade Group - knowing that some of its Funds are frozen, they are making every possible effort to continue working and find a way out of difficult situations.

Please, give me an example with numbers, how money from a Trade Group Stabilization Fund is distributed in case of bankruptcy.

For example, there is a AAA Trade Group, it paid $ 30,000 to the Stabilization Fund when adding to the Service.

During the whole year, the Trade Group paid interest on deposits and everything was fine. But then the Trade Group made a few unsuccessful transactions and can no longer fulfill its obligations. In this case the Trade Group is declared bankrupt.

And we have an investor BBB with an active deposit of $ 1,000 at the day of declaring bankruptcy. The expiration date of this deposit does not matter.

In total, at the time of bankruptcy, the Trade Group had $ 100,000 of active deposits, for example. Thus, the BBB Investor is compensated 1% of the Stabilization Fund size.

The Stabilization Fund size was $30,000. Therefore, the Investor will get a $ 300 compensation, that is 10% of his active deposit. After that, all active deposits that were made in the AAA Trade Group will become invalid.

Thus, the amount of payments depends on the ratio of the Stabilization Fund size and the amount of current active deposits.

I just noted the the condition to join Dragon Foundation has changed. I did the investment with them few weeks ago and I still have the possibility to withdraw my capital, so nothing has really changed for me. If I will invest again with Dragon Foundation, it will be at the new or the old condition?

The Deposit is serviced under the Investment Agreement that were in force at the moment of making the deposit. It mean for already made Deposits the terms of their service can not be changed. If a Trade Group update their Investment Agreement, all new deposits will be served under new Agreement.

I would like to share with you that someone has reported Chain.group a scam on one site... This is not good for possible investors that are looking at this website.

If someone claims that he was deceived by us, he is obliged to:

(a) introduce himself;
(b) explain which exactly point of the TOS was violated by Chain Group Service (as he thinks);
(c) provide evidence of a violation of TOS by Chain Group Service.

These "scam" complaints can be written:
- by our competitors who are usually themselves rogues. As they promise and guarantee profits to their customers. Instead we ask our customers to understand all risk involving in such kind of investments (https://chain.group/legal);
- by paid haters hired by our competitors;
- by people who have superficial understanding of how exactly our Service works. These people haven't any expirience with us, haven't accounts with us, they didn't even read our TOS or Legal Notice.

Who are the main driving force of Chain Group? Who is Management Team of Chain Group? I found it is in operations from Dec 2016, but it will be great it I get bit more details.

The management team already shared all details, which the management team ready to share for now.

The Chain Group team consists of citizens of several different countries. In some of these countries, cryptocurrency and any transactions with it are prohibited. As long as the legislation will persecute for the cryptocurrency usage, the Service management will not be able to introduce itself to the public.

Exactly that is why Chain Group Escrow Service is not a legal entity registered in a country in the world. You can learn more about Chain Group Legal status.

Deposit, profit and withdrawals

If I deposit to Dragon Foundation ($ 10,000 for example) today, when will I get profit and how much exactly?

You will get first profit next day after 00:00 UTC. Profit volume depends on the investment Agreement with Dragon Foundation. If they offer 0.1-6% daily profit, it mean you may get 0.1%, or 6%, or any percent in the range from 0.1% up to 6%.

Can I have several deposits in the same Trade Group?

Yes, you can make several deposits. Each of them will have its own expiration date.

I have a few deposits made in one Trade Group. Can I unite them into one deposit?

No, you can’t. You can only wait for expiration dates of these deposits and then, when they are returned to your Available Balance, make one new large deposit.

I understand that you can’t recommend a Trade Group to invest in, but can I just ask for your opinion on one of the Trade Groups presented at your Service?

The fact that a Trade Group is presented at the Service means that we consider it promising. Of course, we have our personal opinion on each Trade Group presented at the Service. And we can say that, for example, an AAA Trade Group consists of professionals and we forecast its long-term operation. And our opinion may be justified at the moment we express it.

But in some time the situation may change, that is, the membership or even the management of the Trade Group may change or it will have a new strategy. And exactly because of this new strategy, the Trade Group may go bankrupt.

What will you tell us then?

Therefore, no, we can’t share our opinion on a particular Trade Group.

When choosing a Trade Group, you can look at the information given on the Group page. Look at how long a Trade Group operates, the promised rate of return at reFunding the deposit. Analyze the complex information.

Why is there no information on the total amount of investments in a Trade Group?

Trade Groups can hide this information, because publishing it can affect operation of the Trade Group. Trade Groups can publish the total amount of received deposits, just as Investors can publish their deposits made in Trade Groups.

Why do some Trade Groups offer a very small rate of return, while other Trade Groups offer a very high one?

The difference in return depends on several factors. Here are some of them:

1. Different technologies and strategies. Those, who make money at fast manipulations, i.e. make transactions dozens of times per day, make much more money than those who make transactions only several times a day. These are different technologies with a Fundamentally different approach.

2. Experience factor. Trade Groups with extensive trading experience can make much more money.

3. Relationship with other Trade Groups and cooperation agreements. There are a lot of not so popular cryptocurrencies, that still allow making a lot of money on, if trading in coordination with other Trade Groups. This allows Trade Groups to control a market segment for a certain cryptocurrency to some degree.

4. Goals and objectives of Trade Groups. Trade Groups with a large equity capital do not chase investments and offer a small rate of return. These Trade Groups are “more mature”, they trade by making only a few large transactions per week, but still make very good money. If a Trade Group consists mainly of newcomers, they will be ready to pay a high rate to attract investments, but at the same time they are more likely to be in a situation when they can’t fulfill their obligations.

5. Deposit expiration dates. As a rule, the longer the expiration date, the less return is paid on it. There are also other factors that influence rates of return that Trade Group are willing to pay.

Can I transfer my deposit from one Trade Group to another one?

No, you can’t. Different Trade Groups have different return payment terms.

A Trade Group promised to pay from 0.1 to 3% of return every day, but now it pays the minimum, i.e. 0.1%, every day. When will they finally start paying a 3% return?

We can’t answer this question.

In this case, please note that if the promised return on deposit was from 0.1 to 3%, a Trade Group has a right to pay 0.1% from the first day of opening and until the end of working with the Service.

The reason, why this may happen, is that a Trade Group has simply overestimated its potential and can’t pay as much as it would like to. Or maybe it is some situation in the field of the Trade Group operation. Perhaps, the situation will change for the better and Trade Group will be able to pay more.

What happens when the deposit expires?

If principal deposit wasn't included in the profit payments, the principal deposit will be returned to your Available Balance. You can either withdraw the money or make another deposit, in the same Trade Group or another one.

How do I use the reinvestment function?

If a Trade Group allows you to reinvest return on deposit, simply change the reinvestment rate at your Investments page.

Excuse me, but how can a Trade Group constantly pay a positive return rate, when trading sometimes involves negative return at the end of the trading day?

Each Trade Group has the internal statistics of its activity.

If a Trade Group knows that they made about 2% every day per year, they can safely promise a 1% return. Yes, there will be days when they go negative on exchanges, but these negative figures will be compensated by further successful trading days. Therefore, negative trading results are not visible to Investors, they only see the average result.

Dear Sir/Madam; I deposited 0.0313959 BTC yesterday and it is already confirmed by the Blockchain. But my confirmed bitcoin transaction still doesn't appear on my account. My account is U00017**. Please help me to recover my money. Please...

The amount requested by merchant was 0.03139597 BTC. But for some reason you have paid less: 0.03139590 BTC. So insufficient amount is 0.00000007 BTC.

Don't panic, just send at least 0.00000007 BTC to the same address, and funds will be credited to your account automatically.

I know it is a wear question, but what is the maximum amount that is possible to withdraw in one transaction?

It's not a question about amount. If you have made a huge deposit it mean a Trade Group make a huge profit with your deposit, so it have funds to pay you (but you make a payment request for us, and then we have to withdraw funds from a Trade Group internal account). So first of all it's a question about time.

We keep 15-30% of our total funds in our hot BTC wallet. If withdrawal amount is bigger than amount in hot wallet, so additional funds should be transfered from our cold (offline) BTC wallet.

If you want to withdraw PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer we don't store a lot of funds there (as funds can be frozen with or without any reason there). Thus, we need to convert BTC to these payment systems first.

If you want to withdtaw huge amount, it can take up to 6-12 hours. Usually we pay in 2-3 hours after request.


Why should I write down some special PIN-code on the paper?

This is for a case if your account is hacked and you lost access to it. Even if hackers withdraw money from your Available balance, you may still have deposits that can’t be withdrawn early. Therefore, you will need to restore access to your account.

If hackers gain access to your account (for example, you used the password of the Service at another website despite our recommendations), they will immediately change the password of your account.

When you realize that you have lost access to your account, you will first try to restore the password to your email address. But if hackers gained access to your email as well, you would not be able to log in and get a new password.

You can register a new email and send to us with a message like, “Hey! My Account U5004560 has been hacked and my email too. So please, send me the password of my account to my new e-mail!

and we would like to generate a new password for you and send it to your new email, but how do we know that this is really you?


If you know your User ID and PIN-code given at the registration, you can send us it from your new email! As only you can have it!

Then we can easily restore access to your account. Restoring access to your account without PIN-code can be quite difficult or even impossible.

Why should I use 2FA features?

To protect your account. Having a password of your account is not enough today, as people usually do not follow basic Internet safety recommendations and their password get stolen by hackers. If access to your account is restricted only by password, hackers can easily enter it and withdraw money from your Available balance.

To avoid this, we suggest you use 2FA features.

The service offers two options:

1. Generation of temporary PIN-codes through special applications, such as Google Authenticator.

2. Generation temporary PIN-codes through SMS.

In both cases, unauthorized access to your account becomes much more complicated. Hackers should not only have your password, they also need physical access to your mobile phone.

Practice shows that accounts using 2FA features are hacked only in 0.00005% of hacking attempts. If your account is protected only by a password, then 0.079% of hacking attempts are successful and, thus, disastrous for account holders.

If, besides using 2FA features, you also made a photo of your registration PIN-code, then your account is safely protected and the chance that you lose access to it is less than being killed accidentally by an alien fallen from the sky.

Why do I need to use 2FA features if I want to publish information about my deposits?

Because information about your deposits becomes visible to everyone, including swindlers.

And if you have $ 1,000,000 at your account, you must understand that the temptation to gain access to your account can be quite big. But if you are using 2FA features, the probability of hacking your account is low.

I read a lot about necessity to follow safety rules to protect Bitcoins at my account. What should and should not do to keep my account safe?

The Service strongly recommends Investors and Trade Groups to

- use 2FA features;

- install anti-virus software to their computers and keep it updated;

- check the URL of the Service not to become a victim of fishing-attacks;

- use complex and long passwords for the Service, including numbers and special characters;

- do not store a password of the Service in open access on your computer. Instead, an Investor should use special programs for storing passwords (LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, RoboForm, KeePass, KeePassX); or remember a password and keep it in mind; or write down a password on paper and keep it in a drawer or a safe.

- do not reply to and mark as Spam emails allegedly sent by the Service asking to follow a special link and enter your password there to confirm your user account (THE SERVICE NEVER SENDS SUCH EMAILS, NEVER ASKS FOR YOUR PASSWORD BY EMAIL).

- do not disclose your password of the Service to third parties, do not enter it on other websites;


The Service guarantees the safety of cryptocurrency at Investors' and Trade Groups’ accounts only provided that above recommendations are followed.

Can I see a list of last IP addresses, that my account was authorized from?

Yes, you can. You can find the list of IP addresses on the Security page.

It is very convenient for me to use the same password for my email, Bitcoin wallet and your Service. As I remember this one password very well. Why do you recommend not doing this and say that it is better to use different passwords? I find it difficult to remember several passwords.

If you enter the same password, dishonest site administrators can get access to other your sites that use the same password. Therefore passwords from different sites should be different. If you find it hard to remember them, write them down. There are special programs for that.

My 2FA not working...

If you have irrevocably lost access to a device with 2FA, you can disable 2FA. To disable 2FA let us know your Recovery PIN (which you got while opening an account with Chain Group Escrow Service, it looks like 000 000). There is no other way to restore access to the account.

If your device showing incorrect 2FA tokes, it caused by incorrect device clock settings. Your clock must show correct local time, date and time zone to work properly. Android and Windows phones have an option to correct for time errors inside the Authenticator app properties, if you do not wish to sync your clock. iPhones must be set to use internet time to make sure the clock is synced properly.

Why withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours??. After all, BTC transaction can be done in 10-15 minutes. Why it takes so long?

Due to our "Security First" politics.

All requests for withdrawal are checking for admissibleness. Unfortunately this process delays payments. But only this method provides the highest degree of security.

You probably heard about some cryptoexchanges were hacked and bitcoins were kidnapped? Such situations are excluded at Chain Group Escrow Service.

New Trade Group establishment

Who can apply for establishment of a new Trade Group?

Any Investor of the Service can, if it has an active deposit in any existing Trade Group of not less than $ 1,000.

Do I need to send you a copy of the legal entity registration certificate?

If your Trade Group has such certificate, you may send it. But this is optional.

We do not trust official registrations, as we know that they can be easily bought and affect nothing.

How can we increase chances of accepting our company to your Service? Can you recommend what documents or other evidences to provide for our investment proposal to be published at your Service?

If your Trade Group has been trading in the cryptocurrency markets and you have internal reporting, transaction history, please send it to us. For example, many exchanges allow exporting trading history to a CSV or XML file.

Tell us clear and in details about the development of your company. Specify your Trade Group members and give us links to their social network accounts.

The data provided will not be published. You decide what information to disclose at publishing your investment proposal. But the more you tell us about your company, the greater the chance of publishing your investment proposal.

If your business is not related to trading in the markets, also tell us about it in detail.

But do not tell us information that we can’t check. For example, if you say, “We have been successfully Litecoin mining since 2010!” then you must also provide references to independent sources for us to verify this information.

We do not require proof that your company has been successfully working for a long time. But if you make such statements, that are impossible to confirm, they will more likely work against you.

If at checking the facts, we find out that you are trying to mislead the analytics Group somehow, then you will definitely be denied service.

If we are denied registration at your site, can we reapply later?

Yes. But re-applying makes sense, if the circumstances that prevented accepting your company to service, have been eliminated. If you were denied placement at our Service because you lied to us about something, then your application will be rejected as many times as you apply it.

Why do we need a Stabilization Fund? As freezing our money there, we can’t get return on it. After all, we have to withdraw this money from turnover on exchange.

Yes, making a payment to the Stabilization Fund, you have to withdraw money from turnover. But the lowest Stabilization Fund rate at the Service is only $ 15,000. While your Trade Group can get several hundreds or thousands of US$ investments through our Service.

The Stabilization Fund is needed in order to:

1. Screen crooks who want to take deposits only to run away with them after;

2. Pay partial compensation to Investors in case of bankruptcy of your Trade Group.

No matter how experienced and strong Trade Group you are, you can go bankrupt for reasons that little depend on you.

For how long and who considers the application about adding a Group to the Service?

The application is considered within a maximum of 7 days by a special analytical Group, knowing principles of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges in detail.

What are the reasons for denying service?

It is difficult to pick out one particular reason. The decision of placing a Trade Group’s investment proposal or denying it is based on many factors. All factors are important, it’s just some are more significant than others.

How will we get the money invested in us?

When an investor makes a deposit to your Trade Group, you instantly get the money and can withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet.

Is there investment fee of the Service?

No, the Service takes no investment fees.

But if an Investor has a Referrer ID, then the deposit will be transferred to your account after deduction of 5% from the deposit amount. This fee goes not to the Service, but an investor who had brought the investor, who made a deposit in your Trade Group. At that, your Trade Group should service the deposit in full, 100% without taking into account the fact that you get 95% of the deposit at your account.

The Service has a general referral program equally beneficial for all Trade Groups.

How reliable is your service, are you protected from DoS attacks?

Of course, the Service is protected from DoS attacks. The Service cares about the safety of Investors' and Trade Groups’ accounts. Investors can optionally use 2FA features, while Trade Groups must use them. Practice shows that security of the Service as a whole depends on how it is used by Investors and Trade Groups themselves. That is, compliance with safety regulations, the use of 2FA features makes the Service perfectly safe.

How will you support our Trade Group? Can we discuss some special terms of placing our Trade Group?

We service Trade Groups as described in the Terms of Service. There are no secret methods. The Service allows Trade Groups to receive investments and Investors to make them. And Service takes fee for that, nothing else happens.

Can we place additional advertisement of out Trade Groups at the Service? We want to put a large banner on all pages of the Service

No, the Service does not and will not have ad units. But you can advertise your Trade Groups on any other Internet resources.

Note that at placing ads, you can specify a Referrer ID of your Trade Group member.

Then a 5% bonus on all deposits of new investors will be inside your Trade Group, even if an investor makes deposits in other Trade Groups.

Why, if we have a debt on payments of return, our Trade Group can’t accept new deposits from Investors? We could pay out the return with new deposits.

Perhaps, in some situation, this would help. If you really need a small amount of money to make sure all debts and it is an exception. But generally this scheme reminds a financial pyramid. Therefore, we do not allow paying debts on return with new deposits. If a Trade Group has a negative balance, accepting new deposits is stopped.

We are considering adding our investment proposal to your Service, but we haven’t had such experience. We are working on Poloniex Exchange. We like your terms, but we are afraid that we might not cope with the promised return rates. What do you recommend us to do?

First of all, do not promise rates that you can’t pay to Investors.

You must have your own internal trading statistics. If you know that your daily average profit (including negative results) was 3% in the last 180 days, promise investors no more than a half, i.e. 1.5% per day.

If your results are less that 2% per a day, then do not promise more than 1% per day.

Even though the Service allows making payments in the range of 0.1 to 10% per day, we think that it’s better to promise from 0.1 to 5% of return every day. Then you will not depend on your average index and can pay interest rate that you actually earned.

If you made a number of unsuccessful transactions, you can pay 0.1% per day for several days in a row. If you make good money, you can pay your maximum of 5% per day.

But if you promise investors, for example 2-3% per day, you can’t pay less than 2% of return every day. This may cause bankruptcy. Of course, a proposal of stable 2-3% return per day is more attractive to Investors than 0.1-5%.

In the long term, if Investors see that your Trade Group has been working for a long time and pays 2-3% in the 0.1-5% range, you will have plenty of new deposits. At the same time, if you already have enough deposits, you can reduce their number by simply reducing return rates (for example, you can start to pay only 1% per day at any time).

The main rule is if you are not fully confident in your abilities, set the minimum return rate in the range. That is, 0.1% per day.

We would like to pay a 15% return per day. Can you make an exception for us and add our investment proposal to your Service? This should be beneficial for you as well, as you can make more money on your fee.

15% daily return is great if a Trade Groups has it once a year. We are perfectly aware of the real opportunities of making money on crytpocurrency exchanges. So no, we will not add a 100% fake proposal to the Service.

Can we do selective payments to Investors? That is, if we are a little short on the money in our account to pay return to all investors, can we make at least partial payments?

No, you can’t make selective payments. If you have enough money in your account, you can pay all returns and all requests for early withdrawals of principal deposits (if there are any). If you do not have enough money, you can’t make any payments.

This restriction is made for Trade Groups’ owners not to pay return separately to rating and monitoring agencies while leaving ordinary investors without profit.

All investors are equal at the Service. Therefore, profit is either paid to everyone or to no one.

If our Trade Group goes bankrupt on the market one day and can neither pay return, nor refund deposits to investors, what sanctions are applied to us?

If a Trade Group is declared bankrupt, the money that you transferred to the Stabilization Fund is distributed among Investors. This is the only form of liability provided by the Service.

Of course, even though Investors are warned that trading in the cryptocurrency market is very risky, that Trade Groups can go bankrupt and this occasionally happens to them, they can still have claims against you after your bankruptcy. And they will write you angry letters like “Return my money!” And you will answer, “We would like to, but there is no money.” This is inevitable in case of bankruptcy and you should be prepared for this.

Well, we are all humans and we all get frustrated when losing our savings. Just as we all are happy, when we manage to increase it.

Our Trade Group is about to go bankrupt soon, as we can not fulfill our obligations to Investors. We are sorry, but we have a question. After the bankruptcy procedure, can we re-open a new Trade Group, but on other terms of accepting deposits? Should we use an old name of our Trade Group or we can use a new one to avoid associations with the unfortunate experience?

It depends on the circumstances of your bankruptcy. But generally we admit such possibility. You can re-apply for establishing a new Trade Group. You can use your old name, modify it or create a new one - it is up to you.

The most important thing in this situation is to learn from your experience and not promise Investors the return, that you can not pay in the long term.